Saturday, 2 November 2013

Top free online TV Apps for Android Tablets

Here are the top apps that will offer you TV or related services. All the listed apps are free and they have certain reason to do it for free like some sort of financial reason. Some of them advertise on the app and the others are brand building and they make to buy their upgraded subscription.

This app is helps you to see the stream video and you can also the full movie even if it is playing in the TV. You can also demand the TV show and you can get the paid subscriptions. The streaming video is high quality as are their TV management systems are free to access.

NFL Sunday ticket:
This app is a free Android app which allows you to streaming of NFL games. With the internet connections you can have live updates, scores, statistics, highlight and also the team standings. The main drawback of this app it is available only for the US people. But the app is fully free cost.

Buzey Tunes:
Buzey Tunes is basically a music based app. You know the entire music based app is not complete with letting you to stream the music videos. You can listen to radio and play the music. This app is for free and you need Adobe Air runtime environment to use this app correctly.

This is one of the major networks and this is the most popular TV providers. The cost of this app is free and this is the most used apps for watching TV. For some movies you have to pay. If you are a regular TV episodes viewer then you like this app very much.

This app is available in USA but now it is creeping into other countries. This is very poplar app for TV services. If you want to access the full potential by login into the Hulu plus, but you have to Pay for it. This app is supported on most of Android tablets.

This app is a service which is dedicated to video on demand, in this app you can access over hundred and fifty channel. If you have internet connections you can watch the stream video. This channel comes from over twenty countries. For some channels you have to pay, but for the public TV it is free to access. This app is very useful for the people who want to watch the stream video around the world.

This is best app for those who want to watch TV in their Android device. This app comes with the different tools and functions. This is first started for making the television listings, but now it hosts a quite a few TV services. This app is also popular for it gaming feature also. The gaming network like play station consoles and Xbox services.

Kids TV: 
In this app you can find and stream the children’s TV shows. This app may even operate by the children and it is easy to use by its simple interface. Children can watch the show and also they can learn new things from this app. This app comes in different languages and this is very useful for the non native English speakers.

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