Thursday, 5 December 2013

Top Android NHL Hockey Apps

NHL Hockey Apps

Many developers develop sport games, but hardly developers there for developing Hockey app. NHL has wiped the scenario and developed an app for hockey. To know more about hockey at your seat then just visit Android Market to gain full information about play-off, regular season. You can follow up any team, access the details need.

NHL Game Center 

Major sports have their own premier app. Usually they provided detailed information to fans on news, updates, highlights, scoring details, standings and lots on search you ask for. If an app is released, it is supposed to have many versions. Free version shares vital information that every hockey fan target. Premium version charged at $9.99. Additional features provided apart from free one is radio broadcast and game highlights in video format. Next Live version at $39.99 provides the game live at your Android device and works like other versions. So as per your needs and interest towards your hockey you can purchase available versions.

NHL News Feed

This app is provided at Zero cost and gives you constant updates of NHL news. Nothing else you can expect more in a free app. App is a news feeder and keep you up-to-date news regarding hockey. NHL News Feed along with news also provides scoring updates but much at a slower rate and sometimes reported that much at inconsistent state, but this app is still worth considering the fact that available at free of cost and memory space occupied is less on your Android device.

The Hockey News

App provided in Android market for Hockey provide either news or Hockey News app. But this provides news as well as Hockey News App. This app is provided at zero cost and provides steadfast and sturdy stream of hockey related news. Few apps discussed above is not that quick on updates and news, but this isn’t like other app and work pretty much faster than other hockey apps.

Drawback is that scoring updates are at slower rate compared to Game Center app, but the accuracy and time takes it over Game Center app.

Hockey Nations 2010

Hockey games are offered for Android devices, but this app provides at greater simulation, touch screen controls and Hockey Nations steals you into one of several international hockey teams.

This is available at $4.99, the game control a bit tougher else the game is pure fun.

Rangers Hockey News and Clocks

This app available at $1.49 is Rangers dedicated version, but your search in Android Market can get you other team news and clock. Like app discussed above have a steady stream of new, wallpaper, sounds.
This app is one the top rated app for Hockey and you should desire to get it. Has customizable version of clock and desktop widget that gains access to favorite team.

Hockey Sounds

Music sets mind to relax at your seats. Likewise Hockey sounds designed to provide music of your team, team’s goal horn to your ears. You can also use this tone for alarm, contacts, notifications and lots more. Hockey sounds are at much smaller in size, sounds provided are clean and well captures. Try out and get closer to your favorite team.

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